Files Generated by POSTFEKO

View the files associated and generated by POSTFEKO.

Table 1. Files generated by POSTFEKO
Argument Description
.fek POSTFEKO reads the .fek to display the geometry and the calculation requests (for example the near field request points will be displayed if a near field calculation was requested).
.bof POSTFEKO reads the .bof file to display the results as obtained by the Solver. Incomplete .bof files can be loaded and the results displayed. The results for discrete frequency calculations are displayed as they become available. This allows simulations that terminated due to system power failure to be loaded and displayed, showing the results which were calculated prior to the failure.
.out The .out file may be displayed to view information regarding the Solver version, date, memory usage and results obtained by the Solver and any errors and warnings etc.
.pfs Contains the POSTFEKO workspace, for example, views, graphs, models, settings and references to result files which were present at the time of save.
.pfg The .pfg file is used to store optimisation process information used for graphing in POSTFEKO after / during an optimisation run.