Viewing a Cable Harness in the Cable Schematic View

Open the cable schematic view for a specific cable harness to add circuit elements, probes or general networks to the connector pins or connect cables to one another.

  1. On the Cables tab, in the View group, click the  Schematic icon. From the drop-down list, select the relevant cable harness.
    The Schematic contextual tab set containing the Cable schematic contextual tab is displayed on the ribbon.

A new tab is opened in the 3D view that contains the three-dimensional cable harness projected onto a two-dimensional plane. The tab label indicates the specific cable harness that is viewed.

  1. Click on the tab to view the cable harness in the cable schematic view.

    Figure 1. The cable schematic where the 3D cable harness is projected onto a 2D plane.
    Note: A cable instance is displayed as a grey line (indicating the cable path) between its two connectors. A cross-section of the cable instances running along this cable path is also displayed on the cable path.