Create a fully parametric geometry in CADFEKO by using variables and mathematical expressions.

Most input fields in CADFEKO allow variables and expressions to be entered. The variables and expressions are stored as part of the model. When a variable is modified, any items referencing that variable are re-evaluated and updated.

Variable names

  • The first character must be either:
    • Alphabetic (for example, a - z, A - Z)
    • Underscore (for example, “_”)
  • The remaining characters may be alphanumeric or an underscore (for example, a - z, A - Z, 0 - 9 and “_”).
  • Variable names are case-insensitive.

Variable expressions

  • A variable expression may be a single value.
  • A variable expression may be a mathematical expression using round brackets and the operators +, -, *, \ and ^ (exponential notation).
  • A variable expression may reference other variables.
  • A variable expression may use trigonometric and other built-in functions.
  • A variable expression may use any of the predefined variables in CADFEKO.