Return the nodal coordinates for the periodic boundary condition.


crd = udfGetPbcCrd( udfHd ) ;


AcuSolve User-Defined Problem Boundary Condition


The opaque handle (pointer) which was passed to the user function.

Return Value

crd (Real*)
Pointer to three dimensional real array of nodal coordinates. The first (fastest) dimension of the array is the number of node-pairs, nItems, the second dimension is three for the x, y and z coordinates, and the third (slowest) is two for each of the two nodes in a node-pair.


This routine returns the nodal coordinates. If mesh displacement is active, the returned coordinates are for the current (deformed) configuration. For example,
Real* crd ;
Real x_1, y_1, z_1, x_2, y_2, z_2 ;
Integer pair ;
crd = udfGetPbcCrd( udfHd ) ;
for ( pair = 0 ; pair < nItems ; pair++ ) {
   /* first node in pair */
   x_1 = crd[0*nItems+pair] ;
   y_1 = crd[1*nItems+pair] ;
   z_1 = crd[2*nItems+pair] ;
   /* second node in pair */
   x_2 = crd[3*nItems+pair] ;
   y_2 = crd[4*nItems+pair] ;
   z_2 = crd[5*nItems+pair] ;


  • This routine expects a valid udfHd.
  • This routine may only be called within a Periodic Boundary Condition user function.