Use Script

The script is able to collect case information for debugging. This can be done by adding the -c <path/to/case/directory> option.

In this case, the following information of the specified case will be added to the output archive:
  • Used_casefile.cfg
  • LOG folder
  • PHASEINFO folder
  • PROBE folder
  • Overlapping particles
  • Restart info file
The -x option was introduced to skip collecting install debug information. Therefore, the following main use cases are available:
  • [-s/-d]: collect only debug information for \nfx installation, but not for cases. The options (for selecting the single or double precision executable, respectively) are optional and not providing them will default to single precision.
  • [-s/-d] -c <path/to/case/directory>: collect debug information for installation and a specific case. For the former, it is possible to select single and double precision executable as described above.
  • -x -c <path/to/case/directory>: collect debug information only for a case and skip installation testing.
  • -x: does nothing.