Tetra Remeshing

Local remeshing of a tetramesh can become necessary if baffles have to be included in an existing mesh or if the mesh has to be refined locally.

To include baffles, in the Tetra Remesh subpanel, use the elems button under the 2D baffle elements heading to select the baffles and click remesh.

For a local remesh, select the relevant refinement box in the Tetramesh parameters subpanel, and hit the remesh button on the Tetra Remesh subpanel.

Figure 1.

Free Boundary Faces in the Tetra Remesh Subpanel

The Free boundary faces option affects those faces of tetra elements which are on the outside of the volume, meaning the tetra faces which have only one tetra attached. Those faces are called free boundary faces.

There are three options when selecting Free boundary faces:
The free boundary faces are fixed.
The edges of the free boundary faces can be swapped. The mesh nodes stay unchanged.
The free boundary faces will be remeshed.

Figure 2.