Add Metadata Dialog

Use the Add Metadata dialog from browsers to add metadata to all types of entities. The added metadata can be saved to an *.hm file.

Restriction: Export of metadata to solver decks is currently not supported.

Right-click on an entity or entity folder and select Add Metadata to invoke the dialog.

Adding metadata by selecting a folder adds metadata to all the entities under the selected Metadata. Selecting a single entity or multiple entities of the same type adds metadata to the selected entities.

Alternatively, metadata can be added from the Entity Editor as well by right-clicking on the Metadata category.

Figure 1.

There are 3 types of metadata supported:

Supports adding metadata with decimals.
Supports adding metadata with integers.
Supports adding metadata with alphanumeric characters.
Note: The same name with different case and names with just numerical characters are not allowed.
Once the metadata is added, it is shown in the Entity Editor under the Metadata category.

Figure 2.

By right-clicking on the any metadata, it can be added as a browser column in the supported entity views for bulk reviewing or editing.

An existing metadata can be applied to other entities of the same type from the browser column.

Figure 3.
An existing metadata can be removed/deleted using the Remove option in the Entity Editor.

Figure 4.