Combine aligned single point connectors into line connectors or combine several aligned seam line connectors into larger one(s) using the Combine option.

Before you begin, define Combine Settings.
Highlight the connectors you want to combine, then right-click and select Combine > Style option from the context menu.
Highlighted connectors of a different style are not considered for the combine operation.

Figure 1.
When combining spots or bolts, the exact original connector positions are kept in the combined connector line. Combined seam connectors will not keep their original positions, instead they will be redistributed along the combined line. This functionality enables realizations to be retained in many cases, when combining realized connectors. Combining realized seam connectors will lead to a new realization of the combined seam. This behavior can be controlled in the Combine Settings.
Note: You can only combine connectors that have the same realization type, same link definition, and same number of layers. Further parameters of individual initial connectors cannot be retained, therefore a rerealization might defer from the initial realization. It is recommended that you combine unrealized connectors.

Combine Settings

Settings used to define how connectors are combined.

Access Combine Settings by right-clicking on a connector and selecting Combine > Combine Settings from the context menu.
Table 1.
Option Description
Unrealize Spot/Bolt/Seam Unrealize initial connectors.
Combine Angle Maximum allowed deviation angle measured between three consecutive connectors.

A combination of these three connectors is allowed only when the angle is smaller than the defined one.

This describes, why, at least, a minimum of three point connectors must be selected in order to be combined.

Figure 2.

The creation of looped line connectors is supported.

Figure 3.
Combine Distance Maximum distance two consecutive connectors must be from each other in order for the connectors to be combined.
Only within one component Only combines connectors that are organized in the same component. The combined connector will remain in the same component.

When combining connectors that are organized in different components, the new combined connector will be created in the current component.

The image below demonstrates a problematic situation for combining connectors.

Figure 4.