Convert Style

Convert connectors of one specific style into a different style, for example a spot connector into a bolt connector using the Convert option.

Before you begin, define Convert Settings.
Highlight the connector(s) you want to convert, then right-click and select Convert > Style (spot, bolt, seamline) from the context menu.

Figure 1.
The converted connector(s) will be unrealized and placed in the Undefined folder. Once you convert a connector, you will not be able to revert it back to its original state. The only information that will be retained includes: number of layers, tolerance, and link information.

Convert Settings

Settings used to define how connectors are converted.

Access Convert Settings by right-clicking on a connector and selecting Convert > Convert Settings from the context menu.
Table 1.
Option Description
Maintain as Line To keep line connectors as line connectors after the conversion, select the Maintain as Line checkbox. When this checkbox is off, line connectors will be converted to single point connectors per each connector point.
Note: Only applicable when spot or boltlines are being converted to seamlines.