Start the Contact Manager

  1. Load the Abaqus user profile.
  2. From the Utility Browser, Abaqus menu, click Contact Manager.
    The following rules apply when you are using the Abaqus Contact Manager.
    • When the Contact Manager is minimized or behind the Engineering Solutions window, restore it by clicking Contact Manager in the Abaqus Utility menu.
    • To display the bubble help for a button, place the cursor over the button for a few moments.
    • Double-click on the interface, surface and surface interaction names in the table to open the corresponding edit windows. Right-click on the names to display pull-down menu options.
    • Table columns can be resized by positioning the cursor along a column border, pressing the left or right mouse button, and dragging the border to a new position.
    • The Shift and Control keys can be used with a left mouse click to select multiple items in a table.
    • Press Control and the left or right arrow key to move the cursor within the active cell. Use the left, right, up and down arrows to change the active cell.
    • Right-click on the Review button to clear the review selections.
    • If you create, update or delete components, groups, properties, or entity sets from Engineering Solutions panels while the Contact Manager is open, click Sync to update the Contact Manager with the new changes.
    • In the Friction and Surface Behavior tables, right click in the tables to display a pull-down menu containing copy, cut and paste options. Comma delimited data can be copied, cut, or pasted in these tables. Relevant hot keys, for example, Control-c, Control-x, and Control-v on PC, will also work.
    • In some fields in the Contact Manager, you can access the Entity Browser, which is available via the (…) button. The Entity Browser makes it more convenient to view and sort long lists of components or other entities when selecting them for the field.