Surface Interaction Tab

The Surface Interaction tab displays a description of the *SURFACE INTERACTION cards. You can create, edit, review and delete surface interactions from this tab.

The Surface Interaction table contains one column, the Name column. The name of the surface interaction cards in the Engineering Solutions database are listed in this column.
  • Double-click on a surface interaction name in the table to open the corresponding Surface Interaction dialog. Right-click on a name to display an option menu.
  • Table columns can be resized by positioning the cursor along a column border, pressing the left or right mouse button, and dragging the border to a new position.
  • The Shift or Control key and a left-click can be used to select multiple items in a table.
The Surface Interaction tab contains the following buttons:
Table 1.
Button Action
Auto Launches the Auto Contact dialog, from which you can create interactions between several parts of your model.
New Opens the Create New Surface Interaction dialog in which you enter the name of the new surface interaction. Click Create to create the surface interaction and open the corresponding Surface Interaction dialog.
Edit Opens the Surface Interaction dialog for editing the selected surface interaction.
Review Not active on this tab.
Delete Deletes single or multiple surface interactions from the Surface Interaction table.
Rename Rename the selected surface interaction.
Sync Updates the Contact Manager with the current Engineering Solutions database. If you manually create, update, or delete components, groups, properties, or entity sets from Engineering Solutions panels while the Contact Manager is open, click Sync to update the Contact Manager with the new changes.
Close Closes the Contact Manager