Analytical Rigid Surface: Optional Parameters Tab

Select the following options on the Optional Parameters tab:
Table 1.
Option Description
Trimming of open free surface Select to specify open free surface trimming. Then click the adjacent button to select whether to trim.
Max ratio Select to adjust the thicknesses for surface facets in which the thickness to minimum edge or diagonal length ratio exceeds the specified value. Then type an adjustment value in the adjacent field.
Scale thickness Select to scale all of the surface facets by a single factor. Then type the scaling factor in the adjacent field.
Region type for adaptive meshing For surfaces defined on the boundary of an adaptive mesh domain, select to create a boundary region for the surfaces. Click the adjacent button to select the type of region.
No offset Select for the surface to ignore midplane offsets.
No thickness Select for the surface to ignore thicknesses. Do not select this option if the surface will be double-sided or a self-contact surface.
Fillet radius Select to define a radius of curvature to smooth discontinuities between segments. Then type a length in the adjacent field.