HM-3570: Alter Cross-Sections With Domains

In this tutorial, you will use domains and handles to increase the gauge thickness.

This exercise uses the file, which can be found in the file. Copy the file(s) from this directory to your working directory.

Figure 1.

Open the Model File

In this step, you will open the model file,

Open the model file,

Change Gauge Thickness

In this step you will change the gauge thickness.

  1. Click the Morphing menu and pick Create > Domains.
  2. Switch domain type to 2D domains.
  3. Verify elements toggle is set to all elements.
  4. Verify that only the partition 2D domains option is active.
  5. Click create.
  6. Click the Morphing menu and pick Morph. Go to the alter dimensions subpanel if not already there.
  7. Change the morphing method to radius.
  8. Change the center calculation to by normals.
  9. Keep all other settings.
  10. For domains (under edge and 2D) select the 2D domain and the two edge domains as shown in the following image.

    Figure 2.
  11. In the radius field, type 12.
  12. Click morph.
    The gauge thickness of the spring wire is changed from 7.5 to 12.0.