Output Parameters

The output parameters section of the Expression Builder allows you to define the data type label and output for the newly created result.

Figure 1.


The label will become the data type name, and must be unique for the analysis. This label defines the user-defined data type name that will appear when selecting results from the results browser or from the post-processing panels.
The following characters are not allowed to be used in the creation of new data type labels, as this will cause errors in the XML parsing:
Character Reference
Character Name
Left Angle Bracket
Right Angle Bracket
Quotation Mark
Left Square Bracket
Right Square Bracket
Left Curly Brace
Right Curly Brace
Note: Existing data types which contain these characters are able to be read (from rxResult).
Tip: Use the button (located to the right of the Label field) to create a new expression instead of editing the current one. This will allow you to create as many expressions as you want without having to close the dialog.


The data type output can be restricted to the current load case only; however, by default, it is set to include all load cases.