Frequency Set Manager

Create standard analysis frequency sets that will be automatically used in setting up analysis frequencies in NVH analysis.

  1. From the Analyse ribbon, click the Frequency tool.

    Figure 1.

    Figure 2. Frequency Set dialog
  2. From the Frequency Set dialog, define the following options.
    Enter a frequency set name.
    Incr type
    Select Linear or Log as the frequency increment type.
    Min/Max/Incr size
    Enter the appropriate values in these fields.
  3. Click Create to save the changes made to the frequency sets or click Cancel to discard the changes made since the last update, and exit the dialog.
  4. Review the frequency sets in the Frequency Sets Browser.

    Figure 3.
  5. To delete a frequency, select the row corresponding to it, right-click, and select Delete from the context menu.
  6. To edit a frequency set, select the row corresponding to it and click the fields that need to be edited.