Response Point Manager

Create defined response points that will be automatically used in setting up output requests in NVH analysis.

From the Analyse ribbon, click the Response tool.

Figure 1.
Use the guide bar to create response points that are automatically used to set up output requests in NVH analysis.

Figure 2.
To add response points:
  1. Select the tagpoints/nodes by graphically picking them from the model or from the Advanced Selection menu options while specifying the response type.
  2. For structural response points, a dynamic LCS can be added by clicking the entry in LCS column. This opens the LCS manager and you can create a LCS in which the response is calculated.
  3. Review the response points in the Tags Browser.

    Figure 3.
  4. To delete a response point, select the row corresponding to it, right-click, and select Delete from the context menu.