LCS Manager

Manage local coordinate systems (LCS) created in the Assembly framework.

From the Assemble ribbon, click the LCS Create tool.

Figure 1.
To create a new LCS, or edit/delete an existing LCS:
  1. Next to the LCS Create tool, click the arrow to display a drop-down menu. Select the LCS type to create: Axis-plane, Angle, or Ujoint.
  2. A guide bar is displayed, which contains the options to create the LCS type.

    Figure 2. Angle type guide bar
  3. Review the LCS list in the Systems Browser.
  4. To delete a LCS, select the row corresponding to it, right-click, and select Delete from the context menu.

    Figure 3.
  5. To edit a LCS, select the row corresponding to it and click the fields that need to be edited