Engine Keyword Define time output frequency and parts to be written to the state file.



Tstart Tfreq

part_ID1 ... part_IDN


Data Description SI Unit Example
Keyword3 Part selection method.
= 0 or blank
Define parts to be output to the state file using part_IDN.
All nodes in the model will be output to the state file.
Tstart Start time.  
Tfreq Time frequency.  
part_ID1 ... part_IDN If Keyword3 is blank, required list of parts whose state output is written to the state file.  


  1. Writes initial state files in LS-DYNA format (.dynain) at a time frequency equal to Tfreq, the first file being written at time Tstart.
  2. The state file name is Runname_nnn#.dynain.
    Run Name (/RUN).
    File number (four digits) from 0001 to 9999.
  3. Each dynain file contains:
    • *NODE block defining nodes IDs and actual coordinates of the corresponding nodes
    • *ELEMENT_SHELL_THICKNESS block defining shell IDs, connectivity of shells and thicknesses
  4. The state output fields (stresses, strains ...) ask for output into the state files to be written only for the elements belonging to those parts ID requested or if Keyword3=ALL for all parts.
  5. It is recommended to use /DYNAIN/SHELL/STRESS/FULL and /DYNAIN/SHELL/STRAIN/FULL for being able to completely restore the state of shell elements.