Engine Keyword When writing the state file, /INISHE, /INISH3 and /INIBRI will be written in a separate file which can be asked for being compressed (using GZIP) or not. The state file will then resume to the nodes coordinates and element connectivity.





Field Contents SI Unit Example
Izip Define if the .str file will be compressed flag.
= 0
File is not compressed.
= 1
File will be compressed using GZIP. Suffix of the written file will be .str.gz.

(Integer, maximum 10 digits)



  1. The .sta file will refer to the stress file by including the option:
  2. The stress file name will be Runname_nnn#.str, where Runname is the Run Name (see /RUN) and nnn# is the file number (four digits) from 0001 to 9999 (same as the state file number).