Engine Keyword Output global solve information at each solving iteration.

This command creates three additional files:
  • Filename_implicit.info: for largest residuals (force and moment), largest displacement and rotation increments and largest corrections at each iteration and each increment.
  • Filename_implicit.hist: contains all data for plotting purposes in Altair Simulation.
  • Filename_implicit.tpl: a tpl script for plotting in Altair Simulation the data from .hist file




  1. If the run is launched from Compute Console (ACC), a plot of residuals, displacements Can be displayed and updated during solve. To do this:
    • Launch Radioss from the Compute Console (ACC)
    • Click the Graph button to plot the desired graph (Fig. 1)
  2. To plot the solve information at the end of the run:
    • Launch HyperWorks post-processor
    • Load the generated .tpl file (File > Open > Report Template), different graphs are then plotted (Fig. 2)

      Figure 2. Solvinfo plots in HyperWorks