Engine Keyword Rigid motion has been removed or minimized from quasi-static implicit solution.



N1 N2 N3


Field Contents Si Unit Example
N1, N2, N3 (Optional) Reference node identifiers to define the rigid motion compensation.

If omitted, nodes are automatically selected.



  1. This option has been developed for spring-back computation after forming. Due to the inertia stiffness matrix used in quasi-static analysis, rigid motion may be embedded in the solution result (when quasi-static is used), this may make result comparison difficult, and also creates repeatability issues, especially with parallel computations.
  2. This option is only available with shell models.
  3. When N1, N2, N3 input is omitted, one reference shell element (3n or 4n) has been automatically determined and rotations have been calculated on the center of the element. When N1, N2, N3 is input, the three nodes are used as reference shell element (3n), the rotations have been calculated on the center of the fictional element.