Add a Cluster Using HTTPS

Add and connect to Access Web server using HTTPS to submit and monitor jobs.

You will need the URL of an Access Web server as well as a valid set of credentials to add a cluster via HTTPS. All communication between Access Desktop and Access Web is encrypted.
  1. Open the Windows system tray.
  2. Double-click the Access Desktop icon .
  3. Click .
  4. Select Clusters.
    A Clusters dialog box is displayed.
  5. Select HTTPS from the drop-down list.

    Adding a Cluster
    Figure 1. Adding a Cluster
  6. Enter a Cluster Display Name.
    Note: You can use alphanumeric characters for a cluster display name.
  7. Enter the Access Web URL in the format https://<hostname>:4443. Hostname is the machine where Access Web is installed.
    Note: If a hostname is provided during the Access Web installation enter the Access Web URL using the hostname to register the HTTPS cluster. Similarly follow the same if IP address is provided.
  8. Click Add.
    A new web browser is launched and authenticates the user using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) and provides an authenticate code.

    OIDC Authentication
    Figure 2. OIDC Authentication
  9. Click Submit.
    The Access login page is displayed.
  10. Enter your credentials.

    Access Web Login
    Figure 3. Access Web Login
  11. Click Log In.

    Successful Login
    Figure 4. Successful Login
  12. Close the browser. Return to the Access Desktop application; the cluster is added, and a green check mark is displayed next to the cluster name.

    Figure 5. HTTPS Cluster Register
    Tip: Repeat the steps to add an additional HTTPS cluster.