Default Roles and Resources

Overview of the default Access Web roles.

Access Web Roles

By default, the only role available in Access Web is Manager. This role cannot be deleted and their assigned privileges cannot be changed, however additional users can be added to these roles to provide manager access.
A Manager has the highest level of access privilege. Managers can add, edit, or remove clusters, can view and act upon jobs and files, and can grant and restrict access to the various features of Access Web. By default, the Service User entered during the installation of Access Web is assigned to the Manager role and cannot be removed from this role.


By default, the following privilege levels are available:
System Administrator
This privilege allows user management activities like Create, Modify, and Delete Users. It also offers all functions available to Portal Administrator except Management of Roles and Privileges.
Security Administrator
This privilege allows full access to manage user access controls via roles and privileges.
Audit Administrator
This privilege allows read-only access to Audit Logs.
Application User
This privilege restricts application access for jobs, desktops and to the resources.
Note: Portal administrator account is created at the time of deployment and by default all the roles are assigned to Portal Administrator. The portal administrator configures the appropriate roles after the deployment.


By default, the following resource levels are available:

This privilege allows access to the applications and its respective profiles available in Access Web. It limits the users to access applications for job submission, create job profiles, use the application for remote desktop and perform custom action.
This privilege allows access to the site-specific pages that is created and available in Access Web. It limits the users to access and view the site-specific pages.