Rename a Job Profile

Rename a job profile.

  1. Click the Jobs tab located in the upper left-hand of the page.
    A list of applications are displayed at the top of the Job Monitoring page.

    List of Applications/Solvers
    Figure 1. List of Applications/Solvers
  2. Double-click an application.
    A job submission form is displayed.

    Saved Job Profile
    Figure 2. Saved Job Profile
  3. Click next to Generic Profile to view the list of saved Profiles.

    Generic Profile
    Figure 3. Generic Profile
    Note: By default, only Generic Profile and Last Submitted profile will be listed if there are no saved profiles.
    The list of profiles is displayed.

    Saved Profiles List
    Figure 4. Saved Profiles List
  4. Select the Profile from the drop-down list.

    Select Saved Profile
    Figure 5. Select Saved Profile
    The selected profile job submission form with the pre-populated argument is displayed.

    Saved Profile Job Submission Form
    Figure 6. Saved Profile Job Submission Form
    Note: The profile delete icon () and rename icon () will be enabled once you select a saved profile from the list.
  5. Click to rename the profile.
    The Rename Profile dialog box is displayed.

    Rename Saved Profile
    Figure 7. Rename Saved Profile
  6. Update the profile name and click Save.