3D Overlay

Flux has predefined models for rotating machines via Overlays allowing to describe a geometry, a mesh and a physics adapted to the wished machine.


For several versions, Flux has 2D overlay dedicated to motor applications. The user thus has a bank of motor configurable and quickly obtains of geometries using just few parameters.

Overlays 3D is available for two motor types:

  • BPM (brushless permanent magnet)
  • IMD (induction motor).

What is a motor 3D Overlay?

A dedicated interface adapted to the vocabulary of the user:

  • Number of slots, radius of rotor and stator, number of turns of windings, …
  • Possibility to define the whole motor with a few number of parameters
  • Mesh is done automatically
  • Winding definition tool:
    • Possibility to easily define classical windings
    • Assignment between coil and region automatically done
  • Possibility to import a SPEED Model
  • Available for BPM (surface, interior and insert magnet) and IMD (induction motor).