Graph of forces


The mechanical analysis context of Flux will no longer be available in the near future; all the features of this context are fully available in the Data import/export context. The mechanical analysis context remains available in advanced mode.

Two 3D curves are created after a force computation.

The 3D curves are:

  • The efforts F(t, θ ) : forces depending on time and position
  • Its harmonic spectrum depending on frequency and spatial order

The command to plot the 3D curves is available through the menu 3D Curve > New … or through the icon

3D curves

The two 3D curves are presented here:

Note: Remark 1: It is recommended to not limit the 3D table size (last line of the curve creation box), when it is possible: when the data quantity is not too important. In fact, this option have a consequence to delete a part of the data, what can have an influence on the results. But in case of important data quantity, user may be obliged to limit the tables size (the curve creation can freeze the application).
Note: Remark 2: when the fundamental amplitude is much higher than other harmonics amplitudes, it could be useful to modify the maximum displayed value by decreasing it, in order to display the other harmonics..


Graph values can be exported in a text or xls file through the menu 3D Curve > FORCES3DCURVE_1 > TXT export…