Mechanical analysis context: about


The mechanical analysis context of Flux will no longer be available in the near future; all the features of this context are fully available in the Data import/export context. The mechanical analysis context remains available in advanced mode.
In a project in magnetic application, the computation of magnetic force is accessible through the menu Computation > Open mechanical analysis context or through the icon .

Necessary condition

The context is accessible under the following conditions :

  • Project defined as magnetic application (transient, steady state, steady state AC)
  • If the project is in magnetic transient, the solving scenario should not contain geometric parameter.

Valid domains

This context is accessible for the following Flux models :

  • 2D plan
  • Skewed
  • 3D

Main steps

In the table below the main steps to generate a file of forces are described.

Step Action
1 Create the computation support
2 Compute forces
3 Check result by displaying arrows
4 Export forces

Support and forces computation

As presented in the introduction, three computation methods exist. So there are three support types associated to the computation methods:

Computation Computation of surface magnetic forces on Flux mesh Computation of surface magnetic forces on rotating machine imported mesh Computation of volume Laplace forces on Flux mesh
Corresponding support Support for magnetic surface forces computation Support defined by an imported mesh from rotating machine Support for Laplace volume forces computation