Create a computation support and a forces computation


The mechanical analysis context of Flux will no longer be available in the near future; all the features of this context are fully available in the Data import/export context. The mechanical analysis context remains available in advanced mode.

In this part, the support and forces computation creation, to create and display the graphs, is presented.

Computation support type

In this part, two examples using the two support types are showed:

  • Support for magnetic surface forces computation
  • Support defined by an imported mesh from rotating machine

Forces computation

The forces and harmonic forces computation method is chosen depending on the support chosen.

To be able to display the spectrum of the forces depending on the frequency and the spatial orders, it is necessary to choose the harmonics computation in the forces computation box.


In this example, we consider a “Computation of surface magnetic forces on Flux mesh”. The stator teeth lines are taken as support.

Attention: as explained before, the mesh size should be similar to the slot opening size.