Fluxother software magneto-thermal cosimulation

Cosimulation Flux – another software

To couple Flux to other thermal software than STAR-CCM+ or Fluent, a cosimulation named «generic» is available to the user.

To set up this cosimulation, the user must have advanced computer science knowledge, and he must know the internal operation of the exchanges.

This last point is explained through diagrams of action chaining in the two coupled pieces of software.

Diagram for the cosimulation for steady state thermal STAR-CCM+ and magnetic Flux

  • The software that initiates is always Flux.
  • At the beginning, a «SoftwareThird_init.sync » file is created by Flux, comprising the list of names of the data to export and import. This file has to be imported in the other software (In STAR-CCM+ it is done manually by the user).