The data import/export context in a few words


The data import/export context allows making a weak coupling (one shot import or export) with other physical application software. It gives access to three kinds of contexts:
  • Context dedicated to mechanical coupling
  • Context dedicated to thermal coupling
  • Generic context

Context dedicated to mechanical coupling

The Context dedicated to mechanical coupling is the new context which allows making vibroacoustics coupling, with Altair OptiStruct software for example. In fact, it replaces the former context called mechanical analysis context.

It proposes all the forces export possibilities of the mechanical analysis context, with some additional features and improvements.

In the future, the former context will disappear and will be replaced by the new one.

In the meantime, in order to obtain technical use information, please refer to the "Dedicated couplings / Vibro-acoustic and mechanical coupling" part dedicated to the mechanical analysis context.

The online help concerning the new context describes all the different available options.

Context dedicated to thermal coupling

The Context dedicated to thermal coupling, as well as the mechanical coupling context, is dedicated to the coupling with a third party software of thermal application, Altair AcuSolve software for instance. It allows especially to export Joule losses.

It is a weak coupling. To make a strong magneto-thermal coupling, please refer to the "Dedicated coupling / Magneto-thermal coupling" part presenting the Co-simulation tool available in Multiphysics context.

Generic context

The generic context is addressed to more advanced users.

It contains all the possibilities of the two dedicated contexts presented previously and has the possibility to export any physical quantity which can be computed by Flux.


The data import/export context is available from a Flux project of any physical application and any dimension, before or after solving.

Note: In a Skew application, the context should be used carefully. Especially user should use it only after solving the Skew project.