Conversion stage


The first stage of the importation process is the stage of conversion, where the elements contained in the MCAD file are graphically represented in a dedicated working context of Flux PEEC, called " Context of CAD defeaturing ".

Entities of the CAD context

At the end of this conversion stage, all the geometric entities of the initial file (specific to the standard and proprietary formats) are represented in the form of:

  • Geometric Objects
  • Faces
  • Edges
  • Tops

The following table summarizes their definitions:

entity definition
top a point defined by coordinates

a line which can be of type:

  • segment
  • arc of a circle
  • curve for any other unspecified lines (ex. spline)

a face which can be of type:

  • automatic, if defined by plane, cylindrical or conical surfaces
  • uneven, if defined by any other unspecified surfaces
geometric object a volume

Options for conversion

To perform this conversion (from file to entities of the CAD context), one option is available to the user: the choice of the coordinate system where the imported geometric objects will be located.