Although it is possible and necessary to correct the geometric defects after importation, it is preferable to prepare the initial file so that the operations of correction in Flux PEEC are minima.

The checking of the geometry and the correction of possible geometric defects are essential.

Prepare the initial file

To prepare the initial file in general way:

  • define the geometric elements in the CAD software with respect to the characteristics of the Flux PEEC geometry building module
  • remove the intersections of lines, lines and faces, the superposition of faces, …

Constraints of the Flux PEEC software

On the lines of curve type and on the faces of uneven type, that come from an imported geometry, it is not possible to perform the following operations:

  • modify the imported lines / faces
  • propagate / extrude the imported lines / faces

Capabilities of the Flux PEEC software

It is possible to perform the following operations on an imported geometry: