Multiphysics solving


In a multiphysics session, there are several commands permitting to control the solving process and thus ensure and coordinate the exchanges of data between two software items used for a multiphysics co-simulation.

Commands description

The description of each command for solving available in a multiphysics session is presented in the table below:

command description
Define next steps

When creating a scenario, the user defines a parameter (geometric, physic, or transient) to vary and give different steps for computation.

In multiphysic session, the user can add steps or chose steps predefined by a scenario.

Note: a multiphysic scenario can't be multi values, only mono value
Activate the next step

Activate the next step of the list of scenario.

The next computation can be executed.

Solve the current step Solve the current step.
Solve several steps

Solve successively several steps.

This command is only for transient application.

Get the status of the last processed step

Get the status of the last processed step.

This command is usually used by python command (not used by menu).

Reset the current step

The description of this command depend of the type of multiphysic use:

  • Spatial quantity: reset the chart of values by nodes.
  • Parameter E/S: return on values of last step. = delete current step (n-1) + activate step (n)
Initiate the current step Allow to achieve the pre-solving processes ( mesh …).
Finalize the current step Allow to achieve the post solving (user/predefined sensor…).
Delete the n last steps Delete all the last computed steps

When to use the commands?

The commands can be used or not at different stage of the project.

  • « initial »: there are no solved steps, the successive solving steps are defined by the solving scenario
  • « ready to solve »: the scenario steps are defined and the resolution of the first step is ready to be done
  • « resolved »: one or several steps of the scenario are already solved. Solving of the next step is ready to be done, if all the steps in the scenario are not solved out.
  • « initial » next step: corresponds to an initial state of the following step
  • permits to pass from the state X to the state Y
  • : the command is not usable