Block Category: Signal Consumer

Description: The plot3D block provides an easy method to plot and visualize vector and matrix data as three-dimensional objects. You can manipulate the 3D objects in the following ways:

      Display the objects as data points, curves, or solid surfaces. 

      Use a light source to create realistic surfaces.

      Export the data and mesh dimensions of the objects to standard file formats.

      Rotate, zoom, and drag the 3D objects

      Control the axes, grid lines, and bounding box for the plot

Memory usage: There is finite memory for plot3D plots. If the plot3D block’s memory usage, which is calculated at the start of the simulation, exceeds the memory available, Embed displays an Out of Memory message and aborts the simulation.

Rotating, dragging, and zooming a 3D object: Using the following keyboard and mouse key combinations, you can manipulate the plot in the following ways:


Do this

Rotate the plot

Hold down CTRL and drag the left mouse button over the plot

Drag the plot to a different location within the 3D plot window

Hold down CTRL key and drag the right mouse button over the plot

Zoom in and zoom out

Roll the mouse wheel, or hold down CTRL+SHIFT and drag the right mouse button over the plot

Note: When you activate the Enable Diffuse Lighting and Setup Light parameters under the Lighting tab, the above keyboard and mouse key combinations are used to control light position and direction.