List of models for soft magnetic materials

Models for

The various models available for the description of soft magnetic materials are given in the following table.

Isotropic/anisotropic material: linear approximation
Linear isotropic B= μ.H Linear anisotropic
Linear isotropic complex Linear anisotropic complex
Isotropic /anisotropic material: nonlinear approximation
Isotropic saturation: B= μ(H).H
  • analytic
  • analytic + knee adjustment
  • spline
Anisotropic saturation * :
  • analytic *
  • analytic + knee adjustment *
  • spline *

Parabola isotropic +straight line:

B= μ(H).H

Isotropic material: Hysteresis**
Jiles-Atherton vector model
Note: * Currently, those models are taken into account with the following conditions :
  • 2D applications (2D plane domain) : Magneto Static / Transient magnetic
  • regions : magnetic non conducting, solid conductor
Note: ** the hysteresis model is available in magnetic transient (2D, 3D)

Specific models are also provided (see table below). Their mode of use is presented in § Spatial model / user model.

Magnetic property …
… spatial linear isotropic ( μ r described via spatial formula )
… user ( μr described via user subroutine and personal version )