Isotropic soft material : Iron sheets described by LS model


This model defines a nonlinear B(H) dependence for an isotropic material, from predefined sheets included in the software or from personal materials that the user can import by himself (see : LS model identification with MILS). During solving the behavior of this model is the same as an isotropic spline but in post processing for the computation of iron losses this is a dedicated model of dynamic hysteresis (LS model : Iron losses model), all the data to compute iron losses in the post-processing are already in the material. The interest of this a model is to have an accurate computation of iron losses in post-processing without to get the trouble of convergence and computation time of an hysteresis model during solving.

Software aspects

Before solving :
  • In the menu Physics, click on Materials.
  • In the B(H) properties choose : Iron sheets described by LS model
  • The user can choose one of the predefined sheets.
  • The user can also import his own materials with its iron losses properties (see : LS model identification with MILS)
  • Assign materials to a Laminated non conducting region
    Note: the thickness of the sheet must be the same in the material and in the region.
The list of the predefined sheets is the next one :
  • M270-35A
  • M330-35A
  • M330-65A
  • M400-50A
  • M600-50A
  • M600-65A
  • M800-50A
  • M800-65A

For more informations about electrical steel sheets, see this page : Standards for electrical steel sheets

In post-processing, to compute iron losses :
  • In the menu Computation, click on Computation of iron losses
  • Choose the Computation type
  • Choose the Regions and the computation Interval.
  • Select the model Model defined in the material


This model can be only applied on Laminated non conducting region.


Iron losses model

LS model identification with MILS