AcuReport Reference Manual

Instruction of the AcuReport tool, a standalone post-processor batch tool used to generate a report from an AcuSolve solution database.

AcuReport includes and uses different modules for creating this report, such as Report, Adb, Acs, 2D Plot and 3D Plot. Since different problems (AcuSolve solution database) have very different information and structures, each report generation will be different, and each must be custom built, preferably by you. Therefore, you will use Python scripting for this purpose.

For this, you will write a report generator script, and then every time you solve a new problem, you will execute the following command:
acuReport -problem pump -file pump.rep -html

The source (user code) for report generation will be pump.rep, and the results will be pump.html plus the Figures directory with all of the images. You will also have pump.tex as a by product.

This manual explains the role of each module used in report generating.