Multiple Sample Analysis, Loads MSA - Load

OptiStruct/Nastran *.pch file that has transfer function results for wheel sensitivity or driveline sensitivity.

Figure 1. NVH-Utilities Browser - Load tab (Loads MSA, Driveline Imbalance)
Input Type
Transfer Function or Project Directory.
Transfer Function
Select a transfer function *.pch file if input type is Transfer Function.
Project Directory
Select a project directory if input type is Project Directory.
Wheel Radius
Wheel radius used for speed calculation. Automatically populated from subcase labels in transfer function Punch file. Otherwise, you can enter manually.
Loads the sensitivity Punch file.
Imbal. Planes
Number of subcases corresponding to imbalance planes from transfer function Punch file.
Upper Imbalance
Upper bound value for imbalance mass.
Type of distribution for force randomization: Normal, Uniform or Weibull.
A, B
A and B values to be used for defining imbalance matrix specific to distribution type.
Number of runs
Number of HyperStudy runs to be formulated and executed.
Select an analysis subcase.
Result type
Select a response result type. Options include:
  • Non Struct Displacement
  • Acceleration
  • Velocity
  • Displacement
Response ID
Grid ID of the response for which response results are available. Select one from the list.
Direction component
X, Y, or Z.
Display Options
Launches the Display Options dialog, which allows you to customize the response study plot, including scale, weighting, plot layout and X-axis setting for response with respect to vehicle speed or frequency.
Once the result selection options are complete, select Load Response to display the scatter of NVH response.

Figure 2. NVH-Utilities Browser - NVH Response Scatter plot with respect to vehicle speed (Loads MSA)