The Injury menu offers calculations for all known injury assessment tools.

Each of the assessments may be used to generate either a note or a curve at your discretion. The assessments clearly indicate the required units for input data. If your data does not match the required input, you can use the Units menu to convert the data or, optionally, supply conversion factors directly to the input.

Beginning in HyperGraph 14.0, when units are enabled, the Injury menu functions support internal unit conversion, without any user-defined scaling or modification required.

See Enable Units for more information.

Clip (Curve or Note)
The 3ms criterion commonly used to measure potential for chest injury.
CTI (Curve or Note)
Combined Thoracic Index used to measure the injuries of the thorax.
GSI (Curve or Note)
Gadd Severity Index used to measure potential for head injury.
HIC (Curve or Note)
Head Injury Criterion used to measure potential for head injury.
HICd (Curve or Note)
Modified Head Injury Criterion for use with the free-motion head form.
KTH Injury Risk
Knee-thigh-hip Injury Risk.
KTH Impulse
Knee-thigh-hip Impulse Curve
Knee-thigh-hip Injury Risk and Impulse Curve
MAXY (Curve or Note)
Maximum value function.
MINY (Curve or Note)
Minimum value function.
Nij -Note
Nte - Curve
Ntf - Curve
Nce - Curve
Ncf - Curve
Calculates the Neck Injury Criteria. Nij is comprised of four components:
  • t = tension
  • c = compression
  • t or c replace "i" in Nij
  • e = extension
  • f = flexion
  • e or f replace "j" in Nij
These options are offered to allow you to view the contributing components of Nij separately.
TTId (Curve or Note)
Thoracic Trauma Index
Measures the injury of the tibia.
Tibia calculation for 5th percentile female.
Tibia calculation for 50th percentile male.
Tibia calculation for 95th percentile male.
V*C (Curve or Note)
Viscous Injury Response
Calculates both the Occupant Load Criteria (OLC) and OLC++. OLC++ combines OLC with the time of maximum deformation (Tv=0) and the sliding mean integral over a window of 25 ms (SM25), as shown in the formulas below. See OLC in the Math Reference Guide for more information.