Keyboard Shortcuts

Default keyboard shortcuts.

Although most HyperView operations are performed with the mouse, you must use the keyboard to enter new file or component names or title information. In addition, there are several actions that can be performed in HyperView using the keyboard. These shortcuts are available once you have clicked inside the graphics window. You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to rotate your model. The secondary menu uses various combinations of the function keys, Shift key, and Ctrl key to access additional options.
Press To do this
←↑→↓ Rotate the model by increments.
+, -

Zoom in/out on the model by increments.

Note that "+" is actually Shift = on the main keyboard, and simply + on the numeric keyboard.

E Turn on/off edge lines.
F Fill/Fit the model to the window.
H+left mouse button Hide/turn off components.
I Turn on/off Isolate/Isolate Only for the browser.
L Turn on/off feature lines.
M Turn on/off mesh lines.
S Turn on/off the Selector for the browser.
T Turn components to transparent.
U Turn on/off Show/Hide for the browser.
Insert Start the animation.
Delete Stop the animation.
Home Go to first step of the animation.
End Go to the last frame of the animation.
Page Up Move to the next frame of the animation.
Page Down Move to the previous frame of the animation.
Ctrl+left/right arrow Activate or deactivate the visibility of each model when two or more models are loaded.
Ctrl+X Cut the active model in the graphics area (allowing it to be pasted into a different window).
Ctrl+C Copy the active model in the graphics area (allowing it to be pasted into multiple windows).
Ctrl+V Paste the cut or copied model into the active window.

Secondary Menu

The secondary menu is a list of options that can be accessed by using the function keys F1 through F12, or in combination with the Shift or Ctrl keys.
Key Function key only plus Shift key plus Ctrl key
F1 online help prev page print land
F2 -- next page print land file
F3 -- add page print portrait
F4 -- expand window print port file
F5 -- browser png of page
F6 -- full screen png of window
F7 -- less windows avi full page
F8 -- more windows avi box selected
F9 -- new session h3d
F10 alt key alt key alt key
F11 -- open session --
F12 save as -- --