Publish Session as PowerPoint

Publish the current HyperWorks Desktop session in a PowerPoint (PPT) file.

Publishing to PowerPoint reduces the effort needed to generate and update Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) presentations.

A live link or connection is established between HyperWorks Desktop and PowerPoint. The synchronization can be triggered either from HyperWorks Desktop or PowerPoint using a PowerPoint add-in. Changes made in the PowerPoint presentation are preserved when new runs are post-processed after updating your session; full support of report templates are provided. The PowerPoint layout can be defined the first time you publish using PowerPoint master templates. You can visualize broken connections in PowerPoint, which allows for easy debugging if the PowerPoint presentation is not updated correctly. All HyperWorks Desktop export formats are supported: Anim., GIF, AVI, H3D, PNG, JPEG, BMP, and TIF. Dynamic linking of HyperGraph notes with PowerPoint allows text fields to be updated with new results. Live links are supported on Windows, whereas on Linux they are supported by data exchange over the file system using the PPT add-in.

The first time you use PowerPoint Publishing on Windows, you will be prompted to install the PowerPoint add-in, as shown below. This adds the Altair menu to PowerPoint. Click OK to install the add-in.

Figure 1. PowerPoint Publishing add-In prompt

HyperWorks Desktop automatically installs the Altair PowerPoint add-in and maintains version handling.

Upon selection, the Publishing PowerPoint dialog is displayed:

Figure 2. Publishing PowerPoint dialog