Create Reports

Use the Report tool, formerly known as Automated Reporting Director, to create and export Document and Presentation reports from within the HyperWorks session.

Reports can be used to generate, exchange, and present simulation report internally or externally. It is precisely tailored to capture the best practices of the report generation process and is independent of industry and product type. It has been proved to be invaluable to analyze the simulation results such as stress, fatigue, and vibration.

The Report tool enables you to:
  • Create new Document or Presentation reports from scratch based on the company master document. Additionally, save the report template if required. You can also export a PDF version of the report session format.
  • Create standardized reports by loading a pre-defined report template.
  • Create reports both in an interactive view and in batch mode.

Report Output Formats

Use the Report tool to create reports in Document and Presentation format.
Document Reports
Consist of a summary of the process or a full report. With the report building elements, similar to the Microsoft Office Word, you can build and export Document reports ranging from a few to hundreds of pages.
The Master base template is used to start a Document report that contains the base styles and content which are required for the report to be exported.
Note: A sample Document master file is present in <installation_directory>\hwdesktop\mv\scripts\tcl\report\ARD\base\config\template\wordMaster.docx.
Supported Document formats include:
  • .DOCX - an open .xml format document file
  • .DOCM - a macro-enabled Word file
  • .ODT - Open Document Text (export only)
Presentation Reports
Consists of a few slides to a few hundred slides.
The Master base PowerPoint file is used to start a Presentation report, and should contain:
  • Master Layouts - The slide layout designs created in the Master view option from PowerPoint. These layouts contain only the placeholders for text, images, and tables.
  • Slide Layouts - The standard slides which contain content such as images, text, or tables.
Note: A sample Presentation master file is present in <installation_directory>\hwdesktop\mv\scripts\tcl\report\ARD\base\config\template\pptMaster.pptx.
Supported Presentation formats include:
  • .PPTX - a Microsoft PowerPoint open XML presentation
  • .PPTM - a macro-enabled PowerPoint presentation
  • .ODP - Open Document Presentation (export only)
Note: The Enable Platform Independent Export option allows you to export reports across any operating system with or without an Office application.

Minimum Software Requirements

Table 1.
Software Minimum Version
Operating Systems
  • All Microsoft Windows versions supported by HyperWorks.
  • All Linux OS supported by HyperWorks.
Office Versions Exported report files can be viewed with any office software that supports DOCX, PPTX, ODP, and ODT formats. Examples below:
  • Microsoft Office 2010 and above.
  • Google Docs
  • LibreOffice 5.0 and above.
.NET Frameworks Same as HyperWorks version.
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 or above (download).
    Note: Required only for Windows.