Create a Multiport Lua Settings File

The Multiport post-processing アプリケーションマクロ can be configured to use a Lua settings file to define the loading and excitation for each port. This simplifies the procedure for frequent calculations or large multiport setups with many ports.

The Multiport post-processing アプリケーションマクロ is dependent on the order in which the configurations are returned from the Lua settings file. It is expected that the configuration tables are in the following order:
  1. Active ports configuration
  2. Non-active ports configuration
  3. Field data configuration
  4. Processing options
The following command should be defined at the end of the Lua settings file.
return {activePortsConfiguration,nonActivePortsConfiguration,fieldDataConfiguration,processingOptions}
  • The fieldDataConfiguration table is only required for the measurement method of the Multiport post-processing アプリケーションマクロ to map the field data to the correct ports.