Tips for Using FDTD

Some tips are presented to reduce runtime and memory consumption when using the 時間領域差分法 (FDTD).

  • Adjust the bounding box where applicable
    Reduce the size of the 時間領域差分法 free space buffer to reduce the number of voxels in the mesh. Fewer voxels results in a reduction of the memory requirement and run time.
    Note: Reducing the bounding box could reduce the accuracy.
  • Select near field request points to be within the voxel mesh
    A voxel is stored for each near field point. If the near field point is outside the bounding box that would have been used without the request, the number of the voxels are increased. The increase in the number of voxels results in an increase in the computational resource requirements. If the near field points are closely spaced, the voxel mesh needs to be closely spaced as well.