Summary Table

Once an exploration is complete, review a summary of design variables and output response values in tabular format.

  1. From the Design Explorer ribbon, select the Results Explorer tool.

    The Results Explorer browser opens.
  2. In the Results Explorer browser, select the Summary Table tab.
    The Summary Table shows a run-by-run summary of the exploration. The columns show the input design variable values for each run and the corresponding response values.
  3. From the Summary Table, review the design variable values and calculated output response values at each run.
    For Optimization explorations, information about conditions and iterations is also included.

Optimization Summary Table Data

The optimization summary table shows the design variable values along with the calculated objective and constraint values for each run.

Color Coding

The Optimization Summary table uses color coding to help you determine which designs are feasible, optimal, and violated. If an iteration contains a violated constraint, the violated constraint is displayed in a bold font.
White Background/Black Font
Feasible design
White Background/Red Font
Violated design
White Background/Orange Font
Acceptable design, but at least one constraint is near violated
Green Background/White Font
Optimal design
Green Background/Orange Font
Optimal design, but at least one constraint is near violated

Load Results and Plots

Visualize contours, animations, and plots for each run in the modeling window.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • From the Design Explorer ribbon, Evaluate tool group, click the Results Explorer tool.

    • In the Results Explorer browser, click the Summary Table icon .
    • From the Design Explorer ribbon, Evaluate tool group, click the Run Status satellite icon

    • After submitting a simulation, this dialog will open automatically.
      Note: Using this dialog, individual runs can be contoured while the simulation is still in progress. Animations are not supported from the Evaluation Status dialog.
  2. Right-click on a completed run and select Load Results or Load Plots.
    The Results Explorer uses HyperWorks X' full featured post-processing environment to display contour, animation, and plot results. The first-time results or plots are loaded, a second window, either animation or plotting client, is opened and the results or plots are loaded. You can add additional pages or configure your page layout to add additional animation or plotting windows as desired and load results or plots into the appropriate windows.
  3. Select desired result or plot options using the contour, animation, or plot controls.