Apply a Material from the Library

You can choose from a variety of preset materials. If you can't find exactly what you want, you can choose something similar and modify it. You can also reuse a custom material that you have previously saved.

First, turn on the Materials display mode, so you can see the changes as they are applied.
  1. Select one or more objects.
  2. On the ribbon, click the Rendering tab.
  3. Click the Material Library icon.
    The Material Library dialog is displayed.

  4. Select a material. If you can't find exactly what you want, choose something similar and modify it in the next steps.
    • You can choose a preset material (e.g., Carbon Fiber, Glass, Plastic).
    • Or upload your own material.
  5. Apply the material to your object:
    • Double-click the material.
    • Drag and drop the material over the object.
  6. Optional: To modify a material, double-click the object. If desired, see Save a Material to the Library.
    Note: You can double-click the object to modify the material only if you're in Interactive Rendering or Material mode. In all other display modes, select the object and click the Material icon.

  7. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.