Specifies design optimization variables field for topology optimization.


AcuSolve Command




This command has no qualifier.


default_value (real) [=1.0]
Initial constant value assigned to the design variables field.
max_update_factor (real) [=0.05]
Max relative step change allowed for the design variables to change between iterations.
design_topology_interpolation (enumerated) [=simp]
The interpolation used at the interface of the two different material regions. The two different materials are specified using the ELEMENT_SET command. For topology optimization of flow, the material_model parameter is equal to a fluid material without a porosity model, and the parameter design_material_model is equal to a fluid material model with a specified porosity model and darcy coefficient. With the material model of type fluid and the design material model of type design, representing the solid, the interface is the region between the fluid and the solid.


The shape of the geometry is controlled by the design variables field. For topology flow optimization, the field value of zero represents the fluid and the field value of one represents the solid. The default initial value is equal to one, that is, the optimization starts from solid domain everywhere by default. To start from fluid domain default_value should be set to zero. Modifying max_update_factor will act as a relaxation factor to the convergence of the optimization cycles. There is a single option for the design topology interpolation, and a single design variables field is supported in this version.
DESIGN_VARIABLES_FIELD(“design topology”) {
default_value = 1.0
max_update_factor = 0.05
design_topology_interpolation = simp