Interface Definition

Geometric lines are the reference lines for SnRD to create interface, I.e to create evaluation points between components where there may be chances of squeak and rattle issues. Geometric lines are native to HyperMesh, and you can create and manage them in SnRD using following options:
  • Create Geometric Lines - you can perform the following operations:

    Figure 1.
    • Import a Geometry file - You can import a model file that may contain the geometric lines. File formats are standard files supported by HyperMesh
    • Create Geometry Lines on Component Edges - this option allows you to select the required components in the model for which the geometric lines are to be created. After selection, SnRD automatically creates geometric lines on the edges of each selected component.
    • Create Geomtry Lines Manually - you will also have freedom to create lines in manual method using the standard HyperMesh line creation options.
  • Review Geometric Lines - you can perform the following operations:

    Figure 2.
    • Filter Lines, Delete filtered lines based on the length criteria. Also, they can Undo the line(s) delete operation.
    • Line Edit Options - you can utilize the standard HyperMesh options to edit the required lines
      • Combine Lines
      • Split Lines