Full vehicle NVH represents the most sophisticated form of NVH analysis, with many important benefits.

Simulation of real-world events:
  • Loadcases directly simulate customer usage experience
  • Problems related to specific loadcase/response are identified
  • Clear understanding of cost and benefit
  • Can be used to drive physical prototype development
Physical root cause understanding:
  • Clearly identified source-path-receiver
  • Most effective solutions often come from source reduction
  • Understanding of noise/vibration energy transfer paths
  • Most sensitive parts and cost effective solutions can be identified
  • CAE model can be validated through trend prediction
  • Force distribution for subsystem level analysis and optimization can be generated
Ability to apply the entire NVH tool set:
  • Effective problem resolution requires using the right tools
  • Low frequency – modal alignment and contribution analysis
  • Mid frequency – transfer path, point mobility and panel analysis
  • Effective isolation
  • Mass damper and tuned mass dampers
  • Mastic or beads on panels
  • Optimization