Specialized Solution Functionalities

OptiStruct offers many features that reduce solution time and simulation complexities.

Automatic Multilevel Substructuring Eigen Solver (AMSES):
  • Comes with the OptiStruct solver at no additional cost
  • Runs on Windows (all new PC's are multi-core with large RAM)
  • Handles unconnected structures
Automatic result filtering (PEAKOUT):
  • Detailed results for peak response frequencies in a single run
  • Without this, since frequencies with peak Dynamic Response are not known ahead of time, a second run must be made to get detailed results output
Advanced Dynamic Reduction Technologies:
  • CMS Superelement (free, fixed and mixed boundary)
  • CDS Superelement (FRF based)
Significantly Enhanced Bushing Element (PBUSH and PBUSHT):
  • Directional mass and inertia can be defined, in addition to directional stiffness and directional damping
  • RIGID option for stiffness DOFs
  • Simplifies joint modeling by encapsulating multiple elements into one CBUSH
  • All results needed for TPA analysis can be output during a single frequency response run
  • Transfer paths can be determined by control volume definitions
  • Improvements to traditional TPA process:
    • No need to make two separate runs
    • No need to worry about matching forces and transfer functions
Note: Click on the following link for information on NVH applications and techniques: NVH Applications and Techniques.